Sunday, 17 February 2013

Busy, busy week!

This week has been all about painting, painting, painting! Except for a trip to the theatre last night to watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert staring Jason Donovan. You have no idea how much of a girlie crush I had on Mr D when I was younger hehe! Anyway, he didn't disappoint, he was fantastic and the show was amazing. My daughter, Mathilda, got to go on stage and dance with the cast and, as an aspiring actress, she was made up hehe! I must say that she looked mighty comfortable up there in front of all those people!! She has still not stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen - one happy girlie!

And, speaking of happy girls, look what the postman brought for me this week.

Sunny Goodies

How lucky am I?! This box of goodies was sent to me by the amazing Sunny Carvalho because she wanted to let me know she was thinking of me. She is such a wonderful friend and, as many of you know, a brilliant, brilliant artist too! I feel beyond blessed to have someone so fantastic who listens to my nonsense and just 'gets' it! Love you lady! xx

Anyway, I finished the commission paintings which I am really pleased with and managed to start some more girlie paintings for my Etsy shop.

A Beautiful Place To Be
The first is Rosie and she has found a beautiful place because she was having a very bad day, poor thing. She felt much better when she found this beautiful peaceful place in which to spend some time and relax. 

Nellie in a Mess

The second is my little Messie Nellie. I don't know quite why but this little girlie makes me smile. I think it might be that she seems to suggest she has been up to no good hehe! I think Nellie did not know which way to turn. She knew what she SHOULD do but that way seemed dull. She felt all hither and dither between right and mischief. Nellie needs to make a decision ... I wonder if she can?!

And, here is a sneaky peek into my current girlie in progress. She should be ready to show you in my next post. 

Thank you for all the lovely messages you have left for me - have a fabulous week! xx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Oh My Word ...!

Wow, wow, wow!

I have had quite an astonishing and overwhelming week.

Firstly, as I told you last week, I got the kick up the rear I needed to eventually take the plunge and set up an Etsy shop. That was an amazing event in itself really and I felt quite chuffed with 'little ol' me'. To see my work amongst so many wonderful pieces on Etsy (while daunting) also made me very proud. Yeh me!! Hehe!

Etsy Link

Secondly, as if the lovely comments I was getting on the shop weren't enough, I sold my first painting...

and then a second ...

and then a third ...


In total I sold 7 paintings last week. I am still a little shocked! IN A GOOD WAY! How could it be any other way??!!

Thirdly, I got four commissions! One is already finished and with her new owner (thank you lovely Carolyn!) and the other three are works in progress (thanks so much, Di!) Hopefully I will be able to show you some more next week.

Thank you to everyone who has left lovely messages for me about the shop and my work. Thanks Stacy for explaining how to set tags (I know, I know... lol!!)

To everyone who has taken my little girlies to their hearts and now into their homes, I cannot thank you enough. My 'gob' is well and truly 'smacked' hehe! I am honestly completely blown-away - THANK YOU!! xxxx