Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a fantastic, fairytale world where everything and anything was possible. She loved it in this magical land and everyday she looked forward to a new adventure. She would spend hours and hours by the river dangling her feet in the water writing stories and sketching out funny little friends who would lead her to amazing faraway lands. She was so happy.

But, one day the villain of this tale told her there were to be no more stories and no more funny little friends and her days by the river were over. She had to grow up! Oh no, what was she to do??

She wasn't a happy bunny but she did as she was told and away she went to university leaving her stories and her sketchbook characters locked away in the magical fairytale land.

After a while, she realised the villain seemed to have disappeared and all was not as bad as it first seemed. She made new friends and decided she would like to help other little girls and boys discover the fairytale in their lives and so she became a Primary School Teacher. She spent her days being able to help children discover the magic and wonder in stories and so many other things too. She found her Prince Charming and had two beautiful children of her own, Mathilda and Charlie and they all moved to live in the fantastic, fairytale world. 

Everything was wonderful until one horrible day the villain reappeared. The little girl (who was now not so little!) was told that she was ill and she was no longer able to teach the children she loved so much and would have to spend all her time at home resting!

The little girl (who was not now so little) was very sad. How was she to just stay at home and not teach children about the stories and the magic they could have? Then she became very cross and told that nasty villain to 'do one'! She would not spend her days resting.

Suddenly, she remembered her stories and her funny little sketchbook friends and she began to feel happy again. She began to paint by the river and she was so excited when people told her they liked her little paintings. These people took her on a trip to Blogland where she met a community of like-minded people who were supportive, encouraging and so very inspiring. Her flabber was well and truly ghasted to discover that her strange thought processes, insecurities, worries and best of all the things that made her happy, were in fact shared by so many lovely people too.

Mathilda and Charlie still need their mummy but are reaching an age where they are embarking on their own magical adventures. The little girl (who is not now so little) still has her amazing Prince Charming and in this world that is unpredictable and ever-changing has also found friendships, hope and faith in herself.

Here you will find snapshots of the not-so-little girl, through her art and other little curiosities that she would like to share with you.