Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Finally made it into blogland! YEH!

Yipes! What a day to finally make it into blogland!

I got a message this morning from the lovely Tamara Laporte to tell me that I have been chosen to be a featured artist on her wonderful Willowing site. So excited! (I think a little bit of wee came out!!)

I have met some fabulous and supportive people through this site, it's a great place to create and share. If you go over and have a look, have a flick through the Life Book 2013 details. How exciting does that sound for next year?...

So, having now totally astounded my friends by actually jumping into this whole blogging malarkay, I am going to go over and continue working on getting my ETSY shop up and running. (I am not a technophobe, I am not a technophobe, I am not......) When I am ready to open up (hopefully very soon now) I'll post on here and have a giveaway to launch it in style.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully see you again soon

Have a fantastic day!

Deb xxx