Wednesday, 24 October 2012


So, although I did make it into Blogland, safe and sound; it took me a while to make it back! I promise to try harder...

I have been working on both of these paintings for AGES!! They have been my on-going projects for weeks. I couldn't seem to get to a point where I was happy with them. I was picking them up and putting them down - driving myself crackers! Anyhow, today I made a decision - they would be finished no matter what. And, after working on them for another few hours, I am happy. I like how they both make me feel now and I am 'putting them to bed' so to speak!


For the best part of 6 weeks, I had this little girlie staring at something with those big eyes hehe! For the life of me I could not figure out what that something should be but then last night I was sketching and this little birdy appeared on my paper. This morning I painted it and then, 'Hey Presto' I knew exactly where she needed to live. It made me smile - that was when I knew it was complete. This is something that my amazing and talented friend Sunny Carvalho taught me. 'If your art makes you smile then you are doing something right!' If you don't know Sunny already, go and have a look at her amazing art and you will no doubt be hooked (you will also see where my inspiration for those eyes comes from!)

Fairy Godmother

I recently took the Fairies class with the wonderful Suzi Blu. One of the Fairies Suzi talks about is your Fairy Godmother. She is the kind of person who will nurture and love you unconditionally - guide you along the right path so to speak. In the class, Suzi's Fairy Godmother is very textured and actually, very different than mine turned out. I wasn't feeling that texture paste on this one, Suzi! I have tried it though and in other projects it works. But with her, I am happy with how she makes me feel calm - she strikes me as a calm and in control chick. I like that!

Before I am away to my bed, I just need to say a HUGE thank you to all you lovely, lovely friends who have got in touch to say something gorgeous about my art since being featured on Tamara Laporte's fab site . I feel so honoured to be featured amongst such established and fantastic artists but also by all the wonderful comments I have received. THANK YOU!