Sunday, 31 August 2014

Loving the Charcoal!

Over the past few weeks, encouraged by the beautiful artist Kelly Berkey, I have been experimenting with charcoal on wood. I want to try pushing myself to do something out of my comfort zone and using materials unfamiliar to me.

Wow! I am finding it hard. What I have discovered is that I think I am a bit of a 'neat freak', wanting straight lines, balance and symmetry. I find it really difficult not to pick up my pencil and go in to my drawings to straighten and tighten things up that I find messy and loose.

But, I am persisting hoping it will give me new skills, more confidence and a different perspective to my work.

Here are the most recent. I find it so fascinating taking a photograph of something I have been working on and comparing this with the original work. I often find I can so see so much clearer the next steps I need to take from this photograph than from the work itself. I wonder why?

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Concentrated Awesome!

Little Paige thinks she is NOT small, she is concentrated awesome!

I'm Awesome! - Big Eyed Girl - Original Mixed Media Art Painting by Deborah Jackson Hall
Concentrated Awesome by Deborah Jackson

Little Paige just hated being called 'Little'. Arrgggh  it drove her crazy! She had been the smallest all her life. Everyone told her that one day she would 'shoot up' and be as tall as all her friends. She used to wish and wish that day would come. Now, she reasoned, she was perfect just the way she was. When people called her small, she would politely correct their error and tell them, 'I'm Not Small. I'm concentrated Awesome!'

Friday, 1 August 2014

Micki Wilde's Sugary Sweet

I am so excited to tell you about this fantastic new online course hosted by the amazingly talented Micki Wilde.

Sugary sweet class typepad

Micki says: "Sugary sweet is a nostalgic journey in to the land of candy, a nod to those days of innocence when the sights and smells of a sweetie shop were all a little girl longed for.
Skip with me through the candy cane gates and join me for some Sugary Sweet fun."

Micki is a fantastic teacher and, wherever you are on your artistic journey, there is something to learn here with her and her sweet and sugary girls. Have fun!