Sunday, 31 August 2014

Loving the Charcoal!

Over the past few weeks, encouraged by the beautiful artist Kelly Berkey, I have been experimenting with charcoal on wood. I want to try pushing myself to do something out of my comfort zone and using materials unfamiliar to me.

Wow! I am finding it hard. What I have discovered is that I think I am a bit of a 'neat freak', wanting straight lines, balance and symmetry. I find it really difficult not to pick up my pencil and go in to my drawings to straighten and tighten things up that I find messy and loose.

But, I am persisting hoping it will give me new skills, more confidence and a different perspective to my work.

Here are the most recent. I find it so fascinating taking a photograph of something I have been working on and comparing this with the original work. I often find I can so see so much clearer the next steps I need to take from this photograph than from the work itself. I wonder why?

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