Saturday, 16 March 2013

Love, Loss and Painting

Hello lovely Blogger friends!

Apologies, apologies for not being here for a while. Lots of things going on and I have sadly neglected so many things over the past few weeks.

We lost my father-in-law recently. To say it was a shock would be to understate how we all felt. It wasn't expected and it has hit us like a tonne weight. A hole has been left where this huge man with a big heart stood. You will be forever in our hearts, 'Big Ron'!!

Art has really helped me and, that is actually not for the first time. I managed to take the opportunity for some time alone with my thoughts and I got the time to finish some paintings I had started some time ago. I am really pleased with how these little ladies turned out. Each one makes me smile and that makes me happy!

'Playing With Butterflies'

Chouko loved nothing more than playing with her friends the butterflies. She sometimes felt like she was going through her own metamorphosis and perhaps one day she would be beautiful too. Maybe one day she would have wings to fly.

'Lilia Smiled'

Lilia had been away from home for quite some time. She loved all the wonderful places she visited and the amazing people she met there. But, what she loved even more was coming home. When she saw the familiar things a smile came to her lips and the colour to her cheeks.

'Cara Loves ...'

Cara has such a beautiful soul. So full of life, love and giving. She wants to spread that to everyone she meets. She wants everyone to have a soul of life, love and giving.

All of these little girlies are in my Etsy Shop and have all kept me on the path I needed to follow during this difficult time.

I intend being back with you very soon. I posted some sketches in my previous blog and have also had some time to work on these too. I am really pleased with how they are coming along and will hopefully get to share them with you soon.

Take care everyone - love 'n' hugs xx