Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A 'Blah, Bleugh' Too Long Time!

Hello, hello!

Firstly, if you have popped by to read my wafflings and have stuck with me THANK YOU!!

It has been sooooooooo long and I have absolutely no excuses other than I have had an attack of the 'Blah'! It came without rhyme or reason and I managed it by throwing myself into sewing and shutting myself away.

I am embarrassed and cross to admit that my Blaaaahhh Lurgy sent me into a spell of feeling sorry for myself. I couldn't seem to settle to anything (though this is actually not that unusual for me, I am a bit of a flitter!), I just wanted to sleep and had minus zilcho energy, concentration or motivation.

When I first started to feel like this, I recognised the familiar symptoms of my delightful chronic illness. Joy, joy! But, after a few weeks of not being able to kick it into touch, it was either a very long flare up or I had slumped into a state a chronic bleugh! Not good.

Help came though from my wonderful friends Sunny, Micki and Michele who guided me on the right path away from Bleughdom. Thank you ladies, you are amazing!!

They helped me see that I fallen into a spiral of doubting myself and believing that I could no longer make people smile with my little girlies. Now, I am realising that if I can create things that make me smile then hopefully someone, somewhere along the way, will join in smiling with me too! And, feeling this way happens - to lots of us. The important thing is to get on those big girl panties and show up. These girlies won't bring themselves to life!

So now I'm back - from Outer Space..... (Ouch - sorry, hehe!!)

And, have been getting busy and messy! I did spend some time sketching and have LOVED experimenting with Prismacolor pencils. I have always dabbled with them but never used them for a complete picture.

Cuties but I am going to keep experimenting. Colouring with pencils is very therapeutic. It is a long process and it forces you to slow down. Great for me to do on a regular basis.

But, I can't abandon my messy mixed media for too long. Hope you like them.

Back SOON - bye for now xx